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Avast Internet Security 2016 180 days trial

Avast Internet Security 2016 normally costs $39.99 for single PC per 1 year license code / serial number and comes with 30 days of trial like other security software. But, if you don’t like usual 30 days trial, there is a promotion offer by QIWI to download Avast Internet Security 2016 180 days free trial download.

During installation, chose 30 day trial and continue on regular. After the installation has been completed, it will automatically show you 180 days license (to verify that you can navigate to Settings -> Subscription).

Avast Internet Security 2016 180 days trial

The download link will be provided after a free checkout from a link at the bottom of this post. There are two download files, one is a compressed and another is executable. You can use either of them.


The latest version of Avast’s Internet Security offers a choice of installation methods: select Express to install the program with all the default settings or compatible to leave out certain features, so you can use Avast as a second line of defense alongside another security products. There is also a custom option that lets you chose exactly which real-time shields, components and languages to include.

The interface has been spruced up and improvements have been made to various components, including the sandbox and WebRep browser plug-ins. There are also some useful new features. Create a free Avast account and you’ll be able to view the security status of all you connected devices and check their license details from anywhere on the web. If you find yourself having PC problems, you can use the Remote Assistance function to call on another Avast-owning friend for help and advice or you can be the helper.

The new Reputation Services system lets the program make intelligent decisions about how safe a file is before you even open it. This is based in part on how many other users have that file, and how new it is. Instead of downloading definition updates in large chunks, the software will stream the latest virus signature files to you when they become available, ensuring you’re always protected from the very latest threats. You’ll still be able to perform an update manually if required, though.

  • PROS 
  • CONS 
  • Accurate detection of infected files.
  • Good ratings from independent test lab.
  • Provides powerful internet security with a strong firewall.
  • Consumes less resources.
  • Works great on blocking malware and phishing threat.
  • Absence of parental control feature.
  • Tough to use features.
  • Unreliable spam filter.
  • Limitation on password managing feature.
It is cheaper and reliable on most of its features which makes it worth to pay and try Internet security software of 2016.

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