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Binisoft Windows Firewall Control v4 download

Binisoft Windows Firewall Control is normally priced at $10 for lifetime registered license key. It does not come with any limitation in the features either. But, Interested user can download Binisoft Windows Firewall Control v4 after a free checkout using a link at the bottom of this post.

Binisoft Windows Firewall Control v4 download
Binisoft Windows Firewall Control v4


When it comes for PC security, there is not any excuse. Unlike antivirus and anti-malware software, firewall is only network based security system which controls oncoming and outgoing network traffic based on security rules. One of the best firewall software with finest performance is that of Binisoft’s. It is one of the efficient software to multiply the functionality with addition of some extra features to uplift the performance of Windows Firewall. The software works within the tray of the system which enables every user to access native firewall without any waste of time. Moreover, it provides four different filtering modes i.e. high, medium, low and no modes only in few clicks. All the users can take advantage of the software but for those who have registered license can access more features. The software does not perform any packet filtering and allow connection but the task is done based on existing rules. It has made controlling and managing windows firewall much easier than ever so without any delay let’s talk about the features comprised inside it.

Binisoft Windows Firewall Control Key Features

  • Four different filtering modes.
  • User friendly interface and easy access via system tray icon.
  • Admits new rules by disabling ability of other programs.
  • Easy way to create, modify and delete windows firewall rules.
  • Comprised with lock feature to disable the access to settings.
  • Displays invalid rules and errors for programs that do not exists more automatically.
  • New feature to manage and merge similar rules or duplicate rules.
  • Dynamic view to recently allowed and rejected connection on security log.
  • Easy to import and export sets of rules.
  • Protection to unauthorized installation and restore to previous settings after un-installation.
  • Three different notification systems i.e. high, medium, low for outbound blocked connection.
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Responsive on time customer support.
  • Best practice for safe and secure connection.
  • Blocks Pop ups and other annoyances.
  • Built in sandbox.
  • Advanced options and easy access for new users too.
  • Elevated privileges required only at beginning.
  • Restore feature for unauthorized installation.
  • Traditional methods to block intrusions.
  • Changes default homepage of browser if selected.
  • Needs payments to upgrade into premium version and to get full support.
  • Occasionally leaves MAC address on some sites.
We had installed this software and compared it with native firewall of windows and found vast difference between them in aspects like design, user acceptance, performance, and security. Accumulating the performances after using it, we were compelled to rate it with 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. If you are searching for best firewall, we would like to suggest using this depending upon our experience. It assures you for top class protection to your PC and files during you surf internet.

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