Dr.Web Security Space Antivirus 11 180 days trial

Dr.Web Security Space generally comes as 30 days trial version for free use and costs $30.98 for 1 year single license key that also including free protection for mobile devices. But, thanks to Chip.de promotional offer where everyone can download Dr.Web Security Space Antivirus 11 180 days trial.

Interested users, just need to send an email to Dr.Web on specified email and 180 days valid license key will be dispatched within 12 hours. Don’t forget to check your Junk or Spam folder if there is delay.


Dr.Web Security Space Antivirus 11 180 days trial

Dr.Web Security Space Antivirus 11 180 days trial


Dr.Web Antivirus is was introduced in 1992 in a Russian antivirus software company. With good rating on various Lab tests, it has managed to become one of the popular security solution all around the internet and in its local market. Dr.Web is normally an Anti-Virus software with multilevel protection against PC threats to both internal and external storage media against any kinds of viruses, rootkits, Trojans, spyware, malware and others. Its default configuration provides satisfactory protection to PC although it reserves extra customization for advanced users.

Dr.Web Security Space Antivirus 11 Key Features

Web Features

  • Scanner includes graphical interface with manual, automatic and scheduled scans against any types of threats.
  • Console Scanner works effectively on a command line.
  • Firewall prevents unauthorized access and data leaks on the PC with smart firewall components.
  • Updater allows all registered users to update the components and programs.

SpIDer Features

  • Guard constantly monitors the PC on background, scans running processes including new startup items.
  • Mail ensures safe data exchange between PC and email clients neutralizing any threats if found before it gets transmitted to the PC. It normally prevents infection through email.
  • Gate Monitors Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), blocks all incoming malware activity and objects, suspicious URLs on default configuration using cloud technology feature with latest definition of threats.
  • Agent consists of configuration option to manage the product.

Added Features

  • Preventive Protection scans on critical areas of system for prevention and also checks the integrity of active processes.
  • Parental Control protects children from viewing inappropriate, adult or violent contents on the internet restricting its access automatically and on demand.
  • Data Loss Prevention Enable the option to automatically create copies of your files to prevent their unwanted modification. If any threat causes corruption of your files, you will be able to restore information from their protected copies. To cancel unwanted changes, you can restore your files from protected copies.
  • Support If you encounter any difficulties with Dr.Web products, we recommend using help and support.


  • Includes all required protection module.
  • Satisfactory results on our test.
  • Scans fast and reacts quickly.
  • It has success of 94.4% on detection rate.
  • Includes multilingual and supports all popular version of Windows.
  • Consumes less resources while scanning and on real time protection.
  • Prevents data leak and loss.
  • Cheap and affordable to purchase.


  • All of the module doesn’t include normal graphical interface.
  • Includes lots of active processes.


Although, we did not expect a lot from this security software as it is not highly popular, but we are really impressed on its test with its advantages and also the price. With regard to its protection, price and effectiveness, we recommend it worth to give a try.

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