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ESET Endpoint Antivirus version 6.2 download free x64

ESET Endpoint Antivirus is normally priced at $33.00 for 1 year per computer license key and usually comes as 30 day trial version for free use. Interested users can get ESET Endpoint Antivirus x64 version 6.2 free download after a checkout using a link at-the-bottom of this post.

Note: no username and password is required for free use of this product.

ESET Endpoint Antivirus version 6.2 free
ESET Endpoint Antivirus version 6.2 free x64


Today’s Digital World is in need of a best security to perform any confidential work while transferring files, surf internet and much more. New threats evolve each day that can damage our PC and important Files or data. So, it is essential that we take measure to secure the PC with extra curiosity. However, it is harder to perform manually so we need to choose a best antivirus for protection of our confidential data and information. Eset Endpoint Antivirus is one of complete endpoint protection software for windows, providing numerous layers of protection to prevents data leaks and to keeps the PC safe. It has a feature of proactive malware protection to stabilize threat scanning and accurate detection in an unremarkable system footprint without any interruption.

ESET Endpoint Antivirus Key Features:

  • Less resources consumption: The antivirus is designed to consume minimum possible resources and makes sure to keep efficient, faster performance of the system.
  • Protection from emerging threats: The ThreatSense technology of this Antivirus product helps to keep the PC activity safe from all kinds of known and emerging threat ensuring minimum false positive as possible.
  • Strong security for removable media: provides strict security against malware and viruses on removable media with strong threat control.
  • Remote Administrator: Remote administrative feature provides management and control to all of the system only from one console, removing all pre-existing administrative complication and repetition out of endpoint security.
  • Light for system: Consuming less resources in auto mode makes it light on system. Designed on simple way makes easy for users to use with efficient performance without lagging.


  • Easy protection to all devices from one console.
  • Less resource consumption and light on system.
  • Easily organize and manage terminals.
  • Protects removable media from all kinds of threats.
  • Heuristic malware detection.
  • User friendly modern interface.
  • Effectively supports dynamic business networks.
  • Compatible on multi-platform environment.
  • Easy data access control.
  • Includes advanced diagnostic and recovery tools.
  • Fast scanning with accurate detection.
  • Very reliable firewall.


  • Extra expensive among other end-point security software.
  • Strict firewall sometime blocked legitimate site on our test.
  • Download and purchase is bit complicated.
  • Scored low on several Av-Tests.
  • Administrative guides is bit complicated.


On our test, at first step, we setup the remote administration server and conveniently installed the antivirus on the Windows OS. The setup process was easy and completed in a few steps. Then we analyzed the performance and stability of this antivirus software through various test.  Finally, we realized that it performs direct action to keep the PC safe through detection and removal of virus. We denoted it to be a strong antivirus product and worth to be considerable to use for overall security. Besides, we found its help and support to be very useful and informative.

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