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IdentityForce ID Theft Protection 2017

IdentityForce is the user’s best choice for full coverage in an affordable budget. It is suitable for all business, consumers, and employees. Founded in 2005, the company has been awarded as the best class identity theft protection service 2017. IdentityForce includes all of the expected coverage of full theft protection and recovery including medical, economic and criminal recovery for both business and government agencies.

IdentityForce Best ID Theft Protection review
IdentityForce Best ID Theft Protection

IdentityForce Review

Customer Service & Reputation
Service Cost
Family / Child Protection
Items Coverage
Mobile Access


Being #1 among its competitors, it has maintained an excellent customer service with reasonable price on its plans and developed its reputation well on its items coverage including family or child protection but it lacks mobile access feature.

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IdentityForce Salient Features

  • Around the clock (24/7) Monitoring of identity, credit card and financial information.
  • Alert system on any changes or activity using personal information.
  • Regular online monitoring of personal information to check if it is placed on illegal website or online black market or not.
  • Monitors the change of postal address.
  • Notifies immediately of any banking transaction performed on your name.
  • Displays various remedial measures to ensure safety of your identity.
  • Insurance coverage of up to 1 million in case of identity theft.

What includes in Child Watch Protection?

With $2.75 per month or $27.50 per year, it is possible to add Child Watch to any of the plans. It is basically designed to ensure safety of child’s identity using identity fraud monitoring, identity restoration and $1 million of theft insurance coverage.

IdentityForce Plans and Pricing

Price Per Month$14.95$19.95
Sales TaxApplicableApplicable
Credit Report Monitoring
Identity Monitoring
Legal Record Monitoring
Address Change Monitoring
Fraud Tracking
Sex Offender Monitoring
Credit Score Tracker
Identity Vulnerability Check
Stops Junk Mail
Online Privacy Protection
Identity Restoration Expert
Theft Insurance Guarantee
Lost Wallet Insurance
Daily 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
3-Bureau Credit Scores
Monthly Score Tracker
Credit Score Simulator
What sets Identity Force apart?
  1. Medical Identity record monitoring
  2. 2 months’ extra trial when paid for 1 year of service.
  3. $1 million ID theft insurance.
  4. Best customer service and has been approved as Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal.


  • Includes various services on single plan.
  • Safeguards medical history.
  • Free 30-day trial available for test before purchase.
  • Provides detail report of the personal information used publicly at online.
  • Helps removal of all unauthorized online record of identity.
  • Minimize identity expose on public.
  • Protects from key loggers, Trojans and phishing sites with its software.
  • Alert system of activity on bank accounts and credit cards.
  • Protects from data breach.
  • Insurance coverage of up to 1 million.
  • Child Identity usage activity monitor service included on any adult plans.


  • Online support is not available 24/7.
  • Includes limited security software.
  • Coverage is limited compared to its competitors.
  • Absence of mobile app.
  • Credit monitoring is included in UltraSecure plan but without credit report check facility.
  • Credit report check is only available in expensive plan.

The Bottom Line

Identity Force has decades of experience in providing excellent service to various individual, business and government agencies and it is our top recommendation for several reasons that also includes $1 million insurance on identity theft. Although, it lacks antivirus software but it does provide security tool to ensure safety of Identity online.

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