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LifeLock Identity Theft Protection 2017 promo code 90 days free

LifeLock Identity theft protection Ultimate Plus plan normally costs $29.99 per month and comes with 30 days free trial of money back guarantee. But if you believe 30 days trial evaluation period is not enough, there is a promo code to get LifeLock 2017 90 days free.

Interested users just need to check the content at the bottom of this post.

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection 2017 review
What is LifeLock Identity Theft Protection 2017?

LifeLock Service Review

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection Reviews

Reliability and Support
Protection Features
Covered Services
Smartphone Access
Reputation of Service

While LifeLock covers all the expected features but it are only included on their expensive plan which might not fit the budget. Mobile support of Wallet feature is no longer effective but it is in development process.

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Everybody must have known about LifeLock Identity theft protection service as being #1 among its competitors. Founded in 2005, the company has grown up to millions of memberships in USA.

Identity leak can lead to reputation and financial loss. Stolen details could be used by thieves to use credit online, buy home and car in your name. LifeLock makes sure to protect against those disastrous situations handling overall by its own.

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection 2017 Features

  • Privacy Monitoring Tool: prevents public exposure of personal details and helps you’re your privacy safe.
  • Online Black Market Surveillance: Identity could be stolen to get sold on online black market websites. LifeLock examines those websites and alerts if data is found.
  • Lost Identity Protection: LifeLock can help cancel and replace identity in case of theft or lost.
  • Alert System: LifeLock system sends phone, email or text alerts to notify of possibility and provides support though their specialists.
  • Stolen Funds Replacement: LifeLock understand how hard is to earn and save the money. Victims can get up to $25,000 of money back guarantee in case of stolen funds using their identity information.
  • Live Support: Customer service of LifeLock is really impressive with full 24 hours’ support.
  • Verify Change of Address: Identity thieves can use other mailing address to cash out the money using victim’s personal details such as on tax return. LifeLock informs users for those suspicious address change.
  • Pre-Approved Credit Card Details Removal: LifeLock request removal of you name from any of the pre-approved credit cards in order to avoid leak of your details.
  • $1 Million Service Guarantee: to spend on attorneys, detectives and accounts if LifeLock member gets victim of identity theft


  • All time help and support.
  • Monitors bank and credit account.
  • Offers different plans to meet the budget.
  • Reliable and provides overall guarantee of protection.
  • Quick action on fraudulent behavior of suspect.
  • Quick alert on personal details compromised activity and the place.
  • Cancellation and replacement of IDs in case of lost or theft.
  • Checks online if personal information are used.
  • Supports alerts on different devices.


  • Credit card details usage monitoring that can be done by individual rather than spending money on this service.
  • Considered expensive of not including family plans, separate payment required for each family members.
  • Monitoring facility doesn’t count for vehicles and insurance records. It might require to pay for other service provider if that’s important.

How Much Does LifeLock Cost?

LifeLock comes with 3 different plans or packages starting from $9.99 per month. It is best to choose the one that meets your criteria and budget.

LifeLock Promo Code 90 Days

Interested users can try it for 90 days free with the promo code available on CouponCodesPage: https://goo.gl/1Tr8bz

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