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Norton 360 download free trial 90 days

Norton 360 from Symantec is all-in-one protection package for your computer and now it is available for 90 days free trial download. You can download it from the link at the bottom of this post. Its excellent and rich features will provide you with a complete security for your computer. Just top-up a little more on the price of Norton Security and you get unparalleled security with PC tune-up and a powerful online and local backup system.

Norton 360 90 days trial
Norton 360 90 days free trial

Key Benefits of using Norton 360

Go online without worrying

With Norton 360, you can be assured that you are always safe. When you browse the internet, you are always vulnerable to viruses and malwares but Norton is dedicated to protect you. It protects you from downloading files that are dangerous, keeps viruses, crime-wares and annoying spams away.

Shop and bank online safely

This antivirus software blocks malicious websites that could steal your money. It has a feature which when activated remembers and secures your usernames and password for a fast log-ins. This prevents your sensitive information like passwords being stolen by cyber-criminals.

All-in-one protection while your computer runs at its best

Norton antivirus is a mega security-suite packed with PC tuneup and backup. This ensures that your computer is always fully protected while its performance is on the top notch.

Backup your important files

Backing up your data is really important as it is always possible to lose files and folders. Norton 360 allows you to backup your data securely on a disk or online data centers, the latter provides you with 2 GB of storage. On the other hand, you can use the data recovery feature to access your lost data in case of hard drive crash. You can also share the data with your friends and family by simply sending them links to your files. The good thing about this backup/recovery feature is that it works with both Mac and Windows which makes it possible to transfer files between both the platforms.

Parental control

Norton 360 makes sure that your kids are safe online. It allows you to see what websites your kids are visiting and block websites that are inappropriate. It also monitors your child’s social network activities and who they are chatting with.


  • Protects your PC without consuming much of your computer’s resources
  • Backup your data with a flexible option to choose between local backup or online backup
  • 2 GB online storage
  • Protects your children and family online
  • Make the best use of the internet without worrying about the threats


  • Slightly pricey if you aren’t looking for features such as PC tuneup and backup/recovery.

Norton 360 from Symantec is a complete security solution and a nearly perfect tool to keep your computer running at its best.

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