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Norton antivirus free trial for 180 days

Norton antivirus is available for 180 days free trial download from their Facebook page. You can also download it from the link given at the bottom of this post.
Norton Antivirus 180 days free trial

Norton Antivirus Overview

The New edition of Norton’s Antivirus software doesn’t introduce any major new features, but the company has continued to fine-tune its protection against viruses and other threats. It’s also tided things up to make the program a bit easier for newcomers to use.

The interface has been greatly simplified: the long list of settings that used to confront users when they started the program has now gone, replaced by just two main options. The scan button checks for problems on the computer and Update downloads updates for all the latest viruses and other threats.

There’s also an Advanced button on the main screen, and clicking that takes you into a second screen where all the other options are now stored. These include options such as ‘browser protection’, which checks websites for viruses and other hidden threats, and the ‘download intelligence’ feature, which scans downloaded files as they come in.

All of these advanced options are turned on by default to provide maximum protection. This means users can just install the program and leave it to look after their computers, without having to worry about adjusting these settings themselves.

The download intelligence existed in older edition but has been enhanced in the new version. As well as detecting viruses it can also detect more general problems such as bugs in program files that might cause the PC to crash or have other problems.

As with previous versions, it includes coverage for up to three computers in one home. Users can now manage those licenses over the internet, which makes it easier to switch licenses form one PC to another; should you decide to replace an old PC, you can remove its license remotely so it’s available to be installed on the old PC’s replacement.

While there are no major innovations here, the improved ease of use and wide ranging protection features ensure that it remains one of the best security programs for home users.

Existing users will get an automatic update but if you’ve been pushed away from Norton products in the past by their poor usability, this might be the version to tempt you back.

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