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Panda Global Protection 2016 (180 days) free trial

Panda Global Protection is its top-of-the-range product. It usually comes with 30 days of trial with normal price of $76.99 for 1 year. But, if you don’t like usual 30 days trial, there is a promotional offer to get Panda Global Protection 2016 180 days free trial.

To get it, simply download the special OEM online installer after a free checkout using a link at the bottom of this post. But be sure that online installer doesn’t mean it will not work. Our test confirms that it doesn’t takes much time to download and install the required files even on a normal internet speed. After installation, it will have same features and functionality as that of paid one along with 180 days of free trial subscription as you can see in the picture below:

Panda Global Protection 2016 180 days
Panda Global Protection 2016 180 days trial

Panda Global Protection 2016  Review

Panda Security has jazzed up the interface, with a nod to Windows 10’s Modern UI. On the main panel are large, squarish icons for the primary components of the suite. There’s also a small status panel at the top, which shows the number of scanned files and the total number of infections detected.

At the bottom is a row of icons that cover social-media protection and security tools, such as network analysis and virtual keyboard.

The suite includes scanning, antivirus and a firewall, plus extras such as file encryption PC optimization, parental control and personal data recovery.

Each of these tools has its own setup and reporting screen, and these are clearly laid out and generally easy to navigate.

Global Protection 2016 has a new Scan Manager which, Panda claims, works only when necessary and can result in 70 percent faster scans.

We twice scanned our usual 50GB basket of test files. The first time the program took just under 40 minutes to scan 456,329 files. This equates to 191 files per second, which puts Global Protection among the fastest suites we’ve seen.

On our second scan, Panda required 23 minutes 42 seconds to examine 273,770 files. This is roughly half the files and half the time, so the intelligence seems to be working.

Our final test, which involved copying a 1GB file with and without a scan running in the background, saw a 16 percent decrease in performance. This is one of the best results we’ve seen.

AV-Test hasn’t finished evaluating Panda’s 2016 antivirus engine, although the 2015 version of the product scored only 13 out of a possible 18 points. It was beaten even by the free Microsoft Security Essentials.

Beaking down AV-Test’s results, Panda scored five points in the Protection category, four in Repair and four in Usability.

Version 2016 was able to detect 100 percent of recent and older malware, but fell down when it came to spotting zero-day threats, despite Panda pioneering the sharing of threat details through the cloud.


Panda Global Protection 2016 is reasonably comprehensive protection tool for one or more PCs in a home or small-business environment. It’s also light on resources. The previous version of Panda’s antivirus engine wasn’t a top player, and the protection efficacy of Panda’s 2016 offering is as yet unknown.

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