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RogueKiller x64.exe Free Download Link

RogueKiller normally comes in three different editions: Free, Personal and Technician. Free edition consists of required tools only to detect and remove malwares and basic security to the system whereas personal and technician supports extra features such as extra themes, automatic update, command line, help and support. The only difference on Personal and Technician editions are portable and rebranding features not supported on Personal and limited to use on 5 machines while they are supported on Technician with unlimited use on different machines.

The annual price of Personal Edition is $17 and Technician is $50.

NOTE: RogueKiller x64.exe free download link is available after Add to Cart and checkout using a link at the bottom of this post.

RogueKiller x64.exe Free
RogueKiller x64

RogueKiller Review

RogueKiller is a best anti-malware software of 2016, capable of detecting and cleaning latest PC threats like rogues, viruses, rootkits including debated programs that might produce corruption / modifications on the system. Its engine is based on heuristics detection technique as well as signature search, so it is well suited for deep threat detection and works in high aggressive manner with its Anti-Rootkit module. This anti-malware software works best where other fails.

RogueKiller doesn’t require installation, there is a portable version available and it can be run directly to eliminate threats on all popular versions of Windows OS. SmartScreen has a feature of user access control that prompts user whether or not to open the application to ensure the safety. It would be the best idea to choose run anyway if user believes it’s safe to execute and if it’s not, RogueKiller recommends to change the file extension to EXE.

Make sure you have created a system restore point whenever you try any new security software for first time and it applies to RougueKiller also. Roguekiller starts auto scan process on the first run and eliminates any malware that it detects. Roguekiller has auto update features that automatically downloads all required files to make sure user’s PC is protected by latest malware threats. Besides, auto scanning can also be disabled, if you don’t like it but by default it’s always on process.

After malware scan the red listed are malware infections, with orange are possible threats and grey one indicates to be suspicious while green indicates to be safe. It could be confusing for user to understand all of them at first so it can be skipped but it would be a best idea to delete the red marked infections.

Regarding help and support, scan logs can be automatically send to the help forum and work accordingly on suggestion to eliminate the threats.

RogueKiller Key Features

  • Malware cleaner and hidden processes detector.
  • Neutralize malware from services.
  • DLL files security.
  • Checks for auto run threats.
  • DNS and proxy network security.
  • System host file repair.
  • Prevents display of rogue’s fake shortcuts on hard drive.
  • Anti-rootkit module for protection of MBR.
  • Reverts back the changes in system files patched by malwares.
  • PROS
  • CONS 
  • Works good that its meant for.
  • Detects and cleanups rogue-ware.
  • Works efficiently to protect the system from malware.
  • Small size program with modern interface and easy to use.
  • Ability to reset the changes on DNS configuration.
  • Works portably without installation.
  • Supports different detection modules.
  • Supports various languages.
  • Better online help and support.
  • Provides a bit load on PC performance only while scanning.
  • Absence of many features on its free version.
  • Detected a legit program as threat on our test.
  • Scan speed is slightly lower than other anti-malware software.
Normal antivirus software provides best protection by neutralizing malwares. However, it cannot be concluded 100% as it is believed that nothing is perfect. RogueKiller capably finds and fully neutralizes hidden malwares on different critical areas of system without being replacement of antivirus software. It works best with combination of other best antivirus software of 2016/17.

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