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Trend Micro Internet Security 2017 90 day free trial

Trend Micro Internet Security normally costs $49.95 for 3 PCs license key per year and today we have bring you the great offer to get Trend Micro Internet Security 2017 90 day free trial download.

Interested users just need to visit the promo page on Raymond, available after Add To Cart and checkout using a link at the end of this post. But, remember to choose trial version during installation, not the paid version.

Trend Micro Internet Security 2017 90 days
Trend Micro Internet Security 2017

Trend Micro Internet Security 2017 Review

Trend micro is a comprehensive Internet Security software, of 2017 which provides a powerful, easy and quick protection functions such as anti-spam, data theft prevention, and parental controls.

Trend micro is a reputed software company.  Trend Micro internet security product is also famous by the name PC-cillin in Australia and virus buster in Japan. It has it’s headquarter at Tokyo, Japan. Despite its various name the company is famous for providing office scan and related services to small and large business organization.

The company was established in 1988 but PC-cillin was launched in 1990 first time.

The independent Lab AV-Test conducted various tests of its 2017 product and others security software. Trend Micro was able to get perfect score equal to that of top security suites such as Bitdefender and Kaspersky on detecting old and zero day threats. Regarding the accuracy of detection, 3 false positives was found during the test.

This antivirus performed well in our test. It was able to detect 97% of threats equal to that of Norton but Webroot was more than this, it eliminated all 100% of newly emerging threats. As for online protection Trend Micro blocked 90% of malicious websites although on it is 2% down on antiphishing test compared to that of Norton.

Trend Micro supports browser extension to block malicious and phishing websites displaying marking on search components making sure you never try to visit such fraudulent websites.

Parental control protects you kids online behavior allowing to keep separate passwords for all users in order to block from modifying settings. Child age restriction can be configured but proxy escaping must be blocked to protect from using VPN to access the restricted sites.

Data theft protection is another feature of Trend Micro internet security where user can control their data access using a strong password. Trend Micro suggests to use iif it’s not done yet. The protected data cannot be copied to viewed on another device without entering a valid password. Not even the data could be send from internet and network once protected but this feature gets harder to comply on HTTPS secure websites.

Another feature of Trend Micro is data shredder that securely erase the data making sure it can’t be revert back to gain access. Once data is send to recycle bin and deleted the system holds them on restore point and deleted data can be recovered. Secure Erase makes sure once the data is configured to be deleted, it overwrites its maximum time and deletes so that there will be no chance of recovery using any data recovery software or hardware based recovery tool although it takes bit extra time to work but its reliable.

Several software can leave their traces on registry and hard drive. After a long time it can affect the system performance because of junk files and records all over the system. The PC Health Checkup feature of trend micro optimize the system to a highest level possible allowing to work without interruptions and slow down.

Trend Micro help and support is worth considering good although there is a limitation such as telephone support only available on business hours. Live chat is not available on weekend but there are lots of FAQs and knowledge base available for quick resolution of problem.

It normally offers 30 days free trial of products with money back guarantee if you feel this software is not worth to use and it covers both online and retail purchase. In case if retail seller hesitating to refund the money, it can be submitted online on Tried Micro customer service with the receipt and you will get your money back.

Trend Micro security software can prevent ransomware from maliciously encrypting your files and holding them hostage until you pay the attacker. Folder Shield adds an extra layer of defense that limit access to files within the protected folder.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware locks you out of your computer or prevents you from opening important personal files until you pay the anonymous attacker.

How does Folder Shield work?

Simply select a folder you wish to protect, and Folder Shield will keep the files inside safe from ransomware attacks. Trend Micro security software will notify if suspected ransomware tries to access files protected by Folder Shield.

The key features of Trend Micro Internet Security 2017

  • Antivirus protection
  • Anti spyware protection
  • Anti spam
  • Email safety scan
  • Firewall
  • Family Protection
  • Anti root kits
  • Online browsing safety
  • Wireless network protection
  • 10 GB Online full backup
  • Hard drive cleanup facility
  • Spyware protection
  • Mobile, PDA and Symbian phones safety


The product is tested various times for its reliability and it is found that this program is very effective to protect PC’s from viruses and malwares although the product ranked less than major other available in the market.

Trend Micro supports antivirus version from 2007 to current. Earlier versions were only virus scanners. More information can be obtained from its respective online customer service department.

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